New article in Sensors and Actuators B

Mycobacterium detection method combining filtration, immunomagnetic separation, and electrochemical readout in a portable biosensing device. Melania Mesas Gómez, Bárbara Molina-Moya, Bárbara Camila de Araújo, Arnau Pallarès-Rusiñol, Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau, Maria Valnice Boldrín Zanoni, José Domínguez, Esther Julian, María Isabel Pividori Gurgo. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. Available online 23 December 2023, 135211. In Press, Journal Pre-proof.


  • Innovative preconcentration strategy combines magnetic particles and filtration
  • One-Step Immunomagnetic Separation and Labeling reduces analysis time
  • The user-friendly cartridge design reduces the need for manual intervention
  • The handheld device for the electrochemical readout offers portability and on-site testing capabilities
  • LOD significantly improved by 103-fold to 5 CFU mL-1, reaching regulatory limits.

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