Featuring BioEclosion cartridge in biosensing research in breast cancer detection based on exosomes

🌟 Transforming Breast Cancer Diagnosis. BioEclosion’s breakthrough in biosensing technology 🌟

In an exciting development for the field of medical diagnostics, our latest product, the specialized cartridge for biosensing applications, has been featured in a pioneering study published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. This study, titled “Peptide-based biosensing approaches for targeting breast cancer-derived exosomes”, marks a significant milestone in the non-invasive detection of breast cancer through advanced biosensor technology.

Why This Research Matters
Breast cancer, a leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, requires innovative diagnostic methods for early detection and treatment. The research conducted utilized our cutting-edge cartridge in developing an electrochemical biosensor that precisely targets and quantifies exosomes derived from breast cancer cells. Exosomes, nanovesicles present in all biological fluids, are key biomarkers for cancer due to their molecular composition, reflecting the pathological state of their cells of origin.

Key innovations

  • Use of phage display technology to select peptides with high specificity for exosomes derived from breast cancer cells, demonstrating the effectiveness of peptide-based biosensors as cost-effective and stable alternatives to traditional antibodies.
  • Development of a magneto-actuated immunoassay and electrochemical biosensor integrated with our cartridge technology for the detection and quantification of breast cancer-derived exosomes in serum, showcasing a significant improvement in sensitivity and specificity.
  • Achievement of a lower limit of detection for breast cancer-derived exosomes, highlighting the potential for early diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer in a non-invasive manner.

Our commitment to innovation
At BioEclosion, we are proud to contribute to such transformative research that has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions ensures healthcare professionals can offer more accurate, early detection methods, improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Looking ahead
The successful application of our cartridge in this study is just the beginning. We are excited to continue our work with researchers and clinicians worldwide, pushing the boundaries of diagnostic technology and making a tangible impact on patient care.

For more details on the study and our biosensing technology, visit Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

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Discover Bioeclosion Live at the 4YFN MWC Congress in Barcelona

Bioeclosion SL is currently participating in the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) Congress in Barcelona, having been invited by UAB as a spin-off company of the university. 4YFN serves as a parallel event for startups during the Mobile World Congress, the largest event in the mobile industry.

Dr. Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau, CEO of Bioeclosion, along with Dr. Arnau Pallarès, are actively participating in the event and are presenting the Bioeclosion prototype to potential investors and collaborators. This opportunity proves invaluable for showcasing our technology at a specialized event tailored for startups.

New article in Sensors and Actuators B

Mycobacterium detection method combining filtration, immunomagnetic separation, and electrochemical readout in a portable biosensing device. Melania Mesas Gómez, Bárbara Molina-Moya, Bárbara Camila de Araújo, Arnau Pallarès-Rusiñol, Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau, Maria Valnice Boldrín Zanoni, José Domínguez, Esther Julian, María Isabel Pividori Gurgo. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. Available online 23 December 2023, 135211. In Press, Journal Pre-proof. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.snb.2023.135211


  • Innovative preconcentration strategy combines magnetic particles and filtration
  • One-Step Immunomagnetic Separation and Labeling reduces analysis time
  • The user-friendly cartridge design reduces the need for manual intervention
  • The handheld device for the electrochemical readout offers portability and on-site testing capabilities
  • LOD significantly improved by 103-fold to 5 CFU mL-1, reaching regulatory limits.

BioEclosion Presents Breakthrough Technology and Investment Opportunity at UAB Forum, closure of Arquímedes acceleration program

Last week, Dr. Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau, CEO, presented Bioeclosion at the UAB Investment forum, as closure event of Arquímedes acceleration program. Dr. Ferrer-Dalmau explained Bioeclosion technology, goals and potentiality at a dozen of investors and VC managers. It was highlithed the recently opened Pre-Series A round to complete the development of Bioeclosion MVP.

As a UAB spin-off company, Bioeclosion was invited to join Arquímedes program aiming to help accelerate the company to fulfill its mission and goals. The program combined specialist workshops, personalized mentoring sessions, and an investment forum.

The event was located at Casa de Convalescència, Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona, on 13th December 2023.

Bioeclosion SL participates in BioSpain 2023 and Fira de la Innovació de la UAB

Dr. Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau, CEO of BioEclosion, has recently participated in the last edition of BioSpain Congress, organized in Barcelona, 26-28th of September 2023. BioSpain 2023 was a great opportunity to meet with leading companies of biotech sector in Spain, looking forward to find new partners and develop new collaborations.

And last week, Dr. Arnau Pallarès, research scientist in BioEclosion, has participated in the 1st edition of Fira de la Innovació from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in Bellaterra, 17th October 2023. This event has brought together research groups and spinoffs companies that emerged from the UAB. It was a great opportunity to meet new collaborators and companies around the UAB.
Beasides, Bioeclosion has also attended the inaugural session of the Arquímedes startup acceleration program, organized by the UAB Research Park.